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Sands Reno, NV. Chip Listing
Sands opened in Reno at 345 N. Arlington Ave. in 1978 and is still there today.
Click For Pic Description Value Price Condition
$1 Sands Regency Reno NV $1.00    $3.49      Clean
$1 Sands Reno Obsolete $1.00    $3.49      Almost Uncirculated
$5 Sands Regency Mels Diner the Original $5.00    $7.99      Uncirculated
$5 Sands Regency New 2016 2nd issue? $5.00    $9.99      Uncirculated
$5 Sands Reno 1st issue concentric $5.00    $9.99      Almost Uncirculated
$5 Sands Reno 1st issue Polished $5.00    $9.99      Almost Uncirculated