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Continental Las Vegas, NV. Chip Listing
Continental opened at 4100 Paradise Rd. in 1981 and closed in 1999
Click For Pic Description Value Price Condition
.25 Continental 1st issue $0.25    $4.99      Clean
$5 Contentinental Hotel 2nd issue $5.00    $9.99      Uncirculated
$5 Contentinental Hotel Big Daddys Diner $5.00    $8.00      Uncirculated
$5 Contentinental Hotel Steve Rossi Presents Back Beat $5.00    $12.99      Uncirculated
$5 Continental Cook E. Jarr Purple $5.00    $11.99      Uncirculated
$5 Continental Cook E. Jarr Red $5.00    $9.99      Uncirculated