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Tropworld Atlantic City, NJ. Chip Listing
Tropicana Opened on November 23rd 1981 at 2831 Boardwalk on Brighton Ave. and the Boardwalk. Tropicana was renamed "TropWorld" for a short time and was changed back to Tropicana on July 4th 1996. With the new Quarter shopping area and tower is it currently AC largest Hotel......Tropicana Casino And Resort Brighton Avenue & Boardwalk Atlantic City, NJ 08401 Main: 609-340-4000 Fax: 609-343-5254 Website:
Click For Pic Description Value Price Condition
TWD-1 $1 Tropworld 1st issue $1.00    Not For Sale      Uncirculated
TWD-2.5 $2.50 Tropworld 1st issue $2.50    Not For Sale      Uncirculated
TWD-5 $5 Tropworld 1st issue $5.00    Not For Sale      Uncirculated
TWD-25b $25 Tropworld W/ security Dot $25.00    Not For Sale      Circulated
TWD-25c $25 Tropworld 1st issue $25.00    Not For Sale      Uncirculated
TWD-100 $100 Tropworld $100.00    Not For Sale      Uncirculated
TWD-100a $100 Tropworld Sample $100.00    Not For Sale      Notched
TWD-500a $500 Tropworld 2nd issue $500.00    Not For Sale      Circulated
TWD-500b $500 Tropworld Sample $500.00    Not For Sale      Notched
TWD-500c $500 Tropworld Sample $500.00    Not For Sale      Notched
TWD-1000 $1000 Tropworld 1st issue $1,000.00    Not For Sale      Notched
TWD-1000a $1000 Tropworld Backup $1,000.00    Not For Sale      Notched
TWD-5000a $5000 Tropworld $5,000.00    Not For Sale      Notched
TWD-5000a $5000 Tropworld 1st issue Sample $5,000.00    Not For Sale      Notched
TWD-5000b $5000 Tropworld $5,000.00    Not For Sale      Notched