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Atlantis Casino Hotel Atlantic City, NJ. Chip Listing
Atlantis was at Florida Ave. and the Boardwalk opening in 1984 after the parent company Elsinore corp. closed the Playboy and renamed it Atlantis in 1984. Closed by the casino commission in 1989. Atlantis lost money for 5 years and later opened up as Trump Worlds Fair Casino in 1996. The building was torn down in 2000 to make way for a new Casino but is just an empty parking lot today.
Click For Pic Description Value Price Condition
ATL-1 $1 Atlantis 1st issue 1984 Rare AU condition $1.00    $19.99      Almost Uncirculated
ATL-1 $1 Atlantis Obsolete Closed casino $1.00    $9.99      Circulated
ATL-RWC Atlantis Real Winners Club NCV 1984 $1.00    $2.99      Almost Uncirculated
ATL-2.5 $2.50 Atlantis $2.50    $89.99      Almost Uncirculated
ATL-5 $5 Atlantis 1st issue 1984 $5.00    $29.99      Circulated
ATL-5 $5 Atlantis 1st issue 80's Rare AU $5.00    $99.99      Almost Uncirculated
ATL-25 $25 Atlantis 1st issue $25.00    $199.99      Circulated
ATL-25 $25 Atlantis 1st issue $25.00    $299.99      Clean
ATL-25 $25 Atlantis Casino 1st issue $25.00    $349.99      Almost Uncirculated