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Claridge Atlantic City, NJ. Chip Listing
The Claridge Casino Hotel, located at the world-famous address of Boardwalk and Park Place in Atlantic City, NJ, The Claridge Atlantic City casino hotel opened in 1981 at 114 S Indiana Ave, Atlantic City, NJ. and is operated today by Harrahs. Claridge is part of Ballys and uses there chips.
Click For Pic Description Value Price Condition
Claridge Blue Cloverleaf $0.00    $4.99      Clean
Claridge Blue Lifesaver $0.00    $4.99      Clean
Claridge Brown 3 Diamonds $0.00    $4.99      Clean
Claridge Brown Geometric Triangle $0.00    $4.99      Clean
Claridge Brown Snowflake $0.00    $4.99      Clean
Claridge Lt. Blue Cloverleaf $0.00    $4.99      Clean
Claridge Lt. Blue Geometric Triangle $0.00    $4.99      Clean
Claridge Lt. Blue Lifesaver $0.00    $4.99      Clean
Claridge Lt. Green Life Saver $0.00    $4.99      Clean
Claridge Lt. Green Snowflake $0.00    $4.99      Clean
Claridge Orange 3 Diamonds $0.00    $4.99      Clean
Claridge Orange Lifesaver $0.00    $4.99      Clean
Claridge Orange satellite $0.00    $4.99      Clean
Claridge Orange Snowflake $0.00    $4.99      Clean
Claridge Pink Geometric Triangle $0.00    $4.99      Clean
Claridge Pink Lifesaver $0.00    $4.99      Clean
Claridge Pink Snowflake $0.00    $4.99      Clean
Claridge Tan Cloverleaf $0.00    $4.99      Clean
Claridge Tan LifeSaver $0.00    $4.99      Clean
Claridge Tan Snowflake $0.00    $4.99      Clean